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How Do I Use Chase Pay?

January 22, 2018

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Chase Pay is a payment service similar to Paypal, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. You link your Chase account and applicable cards to your Chase Pay account and use it at merchants that accept it. You can use it in stores by showing a QR code on your phone for the clerk to scan or you can use it online at some retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, and Ebags to checkout. You can see the full list of merchants that accept Chase Pay here


Why Would I Use Chase Pay?

Sure it's convenient to have a payment method on your phone and I'm sure it's probably more secure somehow. But that's not the reason we use it. We use it because they have some pretty damn good bonus offers out there so that definitely makes it worth it. They've all been available for every Sapphire and Freedom card you have without having to register. Between my wife and I, we have three eligible cards, a Chase Sapphire Reserve and two Chase Freedom Cards. 


Over the holidays there were some really great offers:

  1. Earn 2000 Chase points for using Chase Pay to spend $20 at Ebags.com 

  2. Earn 10 points per dollar at Best Buy on up to $400 when you use Chase Pay to pay in stores, so you can earn up to 4000 points. 

  3. Earn 5 points per dollar at ShopRite when you use Chase Pay on up to $400. 


How Do I Sign Up for Chase Pay?

Signing up for Chase Pay is free and easy. When you log into your Chase account look for the Chase Pay link on the right side:

When you click that link it will bring you to this page:


Here you can choose which cards are available on Chase Pay. Once they are set to View-able in that toggle switch to the right, then you'll be able to choose them on your phone and online when you use Chase Pay. 


How Do I Use Chase Pay Online?

We'll use Ebags as an example since it had a great promotion through Chase Pay over the holidays. If you've never used Ebags.com, you can make an account following that link and get $10 off your first purchase. You could also use the TopCashBack Portal to get 18% cashback for purchases at Ebags. If that wasn't enough, Ebags rewards will give you up to 10% back in Ebags dollars. See how this could have been worth finding something for $30!? Especially this time of year when you are holiday shopping!


Once you've found your item of $20 or more, and if you signed up with the link above $30 or more, add it to you cart and head to check out. I found this neck pillow that my wife uses for $22.99. It's more compact that the typical horseshoe ones and you wear it like a neck brace, so don't worry you still get to look ridiculous.


Also note, since this item was on sale you wouldn't have earned the full 10% back in Ebags rewards, just a measly 46 cents. You will also have to pay the $5.95 for shipping since it doesn't meet Ebag's $49 threshold for free shipping. 


Proceeding to checkout and this is what you should see:


You'll see the Chase Pay icon in the bottom right but you don't need to select it yet. Instead proceed by selecting the "Continue Checkout" button in green. This will bring you to the checkout page where you confirm your shipping info and cart. Here you can also choose to use any Ebags rewards you may have, but keep in mind the order must be at least $20 for the Chase Pay promo to work. 


Once you finalize your shipping and cart, hit Next Step and you'll see your payment options.

Select the option circled above, Paypal and Other Payments to bring up these options and select the Chase Pay icon which will bring you to Chase Pay's login screen.. 

Use your Chase login credentials to enter. Once you enter you'll be able to choose which card you pay with along with where you'd like delivery. 

You choose whichever card you'd like to use, keep in mind you can repeat this again with as many Freedom and Sapphire cards as you have for the Chase Pay bonus. Chase Pay will ask you if you want to pay with your points. DO NOT DO THIS! This is a terrible value for your points. You can get much better value redeeming for travel through Chase travel portal or transfer partners for Chase. Ask a question below if you'd like more info on how those work.


If you did everything correct you should see this when you return to the Ebags screen where you can review your order one last time by selecting the Review Order button. 

If everything looks correct, select "place order" and you're all set. 



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