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How Do I Sign Up For Acorns.com and Make $1000?

January 9, 2018

We may receive compensation when you click on links on this page. 


Acorns.com is an online investing site that helps beginner investors by making it easy to invest small amounts either through a reoccurring deposit or through automatically “rounding up” your spare change by taking the difference of every transaction in a linked account to the next whole dollar and investing it for you. 

Signing up is quick and pretty straight forward. It is like a bank account so you will have to enter your name and social security number. To fund it you'll also need to link your actual bank account. 

Step 1. Go to Acorns.com
First step is to go to Acorns.com. That link should bring you to a screen that looks like this:

Step 2. Sign up

Click on the button that says, “Start Investing Today”, you’ll have to create a username and password


Step 3. Connect Your Bank Account

Next, you’ll need to connect your bank account by logging onto your bank account through Acorns.


Click on “Connect your bank” and you’ll be able to search for whatever bank you use. When you find it, select it and enter your login credentials.


Step 4. Enter Your Info

Now you’ll enter your personal info, and yes this does include your Social Security Number since it’s a brokerage account.


Step 5. Finalize Your Investments

Finalize how your funds in your investment account will be allocated. If you plan to use Acorns (which you may actually want to, it’s a pretty cool site and an easy way to start investing) then review this as it will determine how your money is invested. If you don’t plan to use it, just accept and move on. 


Step 6. Invest $5.00

Congratulations, you’re all setup. Now you just need to invest $5.00 from your linked bank account and you’re all done! You'll receive another $5.00 from Acorns as a signup bonus. 


January 2018 Special Referral Bonus

Acorns.com is currently running a special referral bonus where for every ten friends you have sign up and invest $5.00 you'll receive a $1000 bonus, that's one thousand! That is a pretty good deal, especially since I can't imagine it will be hard to find 10 friends/family for most people. They in turn can find 10 friends/family of their own and so  on!


How to Generate Your Referral Link in Acorns.com

Generating your referral link in Acorns is just as quick and easy as signing up. Once your logged into your account in the upper right corner you'll see a button that says "Invite Friends". If you haven't already, you will have to agree to the Referral Terms before being able to generate a link. 


Click on the "Invite Friends" Button shown above and you'll see a drop down menu like this:


The red circle area above is where your individual link will be. You'll see mine above. It also gives you the option to share on Facebook, Twitter, and email if that's your preference. 


If you don't have an account already, use this link to sign up now. Then once you're account is all setup and you've invested $5.00 for thirty days, you'll receive $5.00 free from Acorns. Don't forget, if you get ten friends to signup before the end of January, you'll receive a $1000 bonus!


What Do My Friends Have to Do to "Signup"?

Nothing more than you did. They just need to signup using your link, invest $5.00 and leave it there for thirty days and for every 10 friends that use your link, you'll get $1000.


They could then do the same thing if they wanted to! 


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