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Free 6 Month Digital Access to Washington Post

January 5, 2018

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Was doing my morning reviews of deals around the web and came across a free six month subscription to the Washington Post digital access for Amazon Prime Members. Everyone seems to be a bit of a news junkie these days so this could be a good deal if this is something you are interested in. Between the NYT and Washington Post I find myself running out of the 10 free articles they give you each month. I could open it in incognito mode but this is so much simpler!


For free subscriptions that automatically kick in after an extended period of time I do one of two things to make sure I don't begin inadvertently paying for something I never actually intended to buy:

  1. If possible, I'll immediately cancel the subscription after signing up so I keep the remainder of the free portion and it won't auto-renew

  2. If that's not possible, set a Google Calendar reminder to cancel the subscription about 3 weeks before it expires to give myself time to actually do it. 

Amazon being all around the most amazing website on the planet of course gives you the first option. So you can go in and cancel the auto-renew right after you book it to make sure you don't get billed. You can go here to do that here


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