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Free $10 in Amazon Home Services

January 4, 2018

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UPDATE: This hasn't been showing for me since yesterday, back to the standard $1.00 credit. I managed to get a good amount of them so hopefully I can still cover the plumber!


I, like most people on the planet, shop at Amazon for pretty much everything. From groceries to office supplies it's my first stop. Everything except services that is. Well that's going to change this month! Amazon has a promo out where you can get $10 in Home Services credit for choosing no rush shipping on purchases!!


I was buying some Shark Carpet cleaner on Amazon this morning when I noticed the following on the checkout screen:


A $10 Amazon Home Services reward!!! I usually will choose the $1 digital media credit when that's presented, so imagine my excitement when I saw $10!


​Now, I've never used Amazon's Home Services, but as luck would have it, I just had a plumber cancel an estimate appointment for me yesterday. So it looks like I'm going to be using


You can click on the image above to see what services they have available. It covers just about everything you can think of including home repair, cleaning, installation, assembly, etc etc. The list goes on. 


I searched around a little more and found that your cart must have at least one item valued at more than $10 shipped via Prime to be eligible. And even then I don't know if it's available to everyone or for every product. I tried a few random things and it was there for all of them but it may be different for others. 


Here's a link to the Terms and Conditions and Offer Page. Nothing that says it's limited other than 1 per order. The biggest catch is the reward expires on January 21, 2018. So you'd have to use it soon, or at least book it soon. 


I took a look at what the cost would be for the plumbing work I needed to make sure it wasn't over-priced. Amazon being Amazon does it differently and lists the price for the job you need done.

Price was $84.29 for a leaky faucet repair. The first plumber I had out quoted me $150 to fix both so about the same. No estimates or bait and switch. You pay and schedule through Amazon.



It lets you book as far out as March 10 as of today (1/3/18), so even if you didn't need something now, you could book it in advance with the credit to avoid the Jan 21 deadline. Valentines day is coming up for those looking for a gift. Perhaps a maid cleaning or smart tech installation? 


This promo is best if you were going to buy something anyway or were going to book a similar priced service. You'd be getting a free service or free stuff from Amazon depending on which you were already going to be paying for. 

So myself for example, I was already going to be paying for a plumber so might as well pickup up a few items to make sure I have the $170 in credits I'll need for the plumber. I found this Ninjago Lego set for $10.99.
My nephew loves legos so this is a great little gift that I'll basically be getting for free since I was going to be paying for the plumber anyway. There's a ton of these lego sets around $10 that are great for lego beginners, but it's Amazon, you won't be hard pressed to find a few million items in the $10 range. Make sure you split your order into multiple orders. 



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