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How do I use AMEX Offers?

January 1, 2018

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AMEX offers are unique deals and opportunities provided by AMEX for some of their credit cards and are usually in the form of bonus points or statement credits for spending at specific stores or certain categories of merchants. Not all of them are available on every card and just because they are available on one person's card doesn't mean they are available on another's. So you'll have to check and see if you were targeted for specific ones. 


There can be some really great value in AMEX offers usually in the form of statement credits but often with bonus points as well depending on the specific card. We'll first take a look at how you see what offers you have available to you. If you don't have an AMEX card it is possible to still get AMEX offers through their reloadable prepaid debit card products like Serve and Target Red Card which are free to signup for, but don't earn any points on purchases.  


I have three AMEX Cards currently, the Amex EveryDay® Credit Card, the Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card, and the Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card. That is three potential cards worth of AMEX Offers which isn't bad. But you can also add authorized users to your cards who can then setup their own account profiles and more importantly, their own AMEX offers. 


Using an AMEX Offer one time can be a great deal, but if you happen to find something that you need more than once, it can be even better if you have the same AMEX Offer on multiple cards. 


So let's see how we check what AMEX Offers we have available to us. Login into your AMEX account choose whichever card you'd like to check and scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see this:

The left header let's you view which offers are available to you, the middle shows you which offers you've added to your card, and the right column gives you a summary of your savings to date. Here's the lifetime summary on one of my cards. 

Not too much in the way of cash so far, but remember this is only one card. So if those offers are available on all my cards that could easily be multiplied. Especially for something like Sun Basket Meal Delivery Service or Sling TV which are both subscription based. (Have a Sling account? Send us your referral link from your account profile and we'll use it in this post for at least three months). 


The screenshots above are the new AMEX portal which for some reason doesn't always show all your available AMEX offers, so you'll need to login into the old version of the AMEX account if that's the case for you as it is for me. 


That will look something like this: 

The top ones on my account are all points bonuses at certain merchants, GrubHub/Seamless being one I've taken advantage of quite often although if you have the Chase Saphire Reserve its 3x at Restaurants is still better than the 2x with my Amex Everyday Card


Here are the AMEX Offers I currently have added to this card that I plan or at least would like to use. 


Some like the Shake Shack one above can be done more than once, see the 2x. Some like the Macy's and Home Depot I may use if I remember when I'm there but it's not that great to go out of my way. 


Two offers not available on my AMEX Everyday Card but I was able to find available on my wife's Amex EveryDay® Preferred Credit Card ,which is just a slightly higher version of my card with some better perks, were the following:

Notice the 5,000 points for paying for your Amazon Prime Subscription which you likely were going to pay for anyway, so that's a free 5,000 points. 


Adding To Your Card

So now that you've found an offer you want to go for, what exactly do you have to do? Looking again at the available offers tab, notice the button to the right of each offer:

New Version:


Old Version:


Both the old and new versions are similar, select the button to the right of the offer to proceed. If it's a statement credit or points bonus it will be added to your card. Some offers just link you to promo codes or more information. They will have specific instructions on how to take advantage of them. 


Once you've added the offer to your card you should see it in your "Added to Card" tab. 


If you have multiple cards linked to the same login info and they have the same AMEX Offer on more than one card, if you add it to one card it will automatically remove it from all of your others linked to that account. You can get around this by opening your AMEX account again in another browser. Then while both are open, add the offer on both cards simultaneously. Boom, now you should have the offer on both cards. 


You can also make separate logins for each card and then add each offer individually. Some offers may be added through twitter as well, but I'm not one for social media so I prefer a combination of the two methods above. 


Getting Paid

So you've found an AMEX Offer you like, added it to your card, now what? Just use it as instructed and AMEX will do the rest. If it's a statement credit, once you do the spend you'll see it show up on your activity and receive an email notifying you that you used it. 


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